In Defense of Fitbit

If you haven’t heard, there is a lawsuit working it’s way through the courts saying that Fitbit’s heart rate monitor on it’s fitness bands isn’t accurate. In defense of Fitbit, I’ve owned a Force, several Flex bands, and now two separate Charge HRs. No company can boast completely accurate heart rate stats; Nike, Apple, Jawbone, Polar, Garmin, and Vivo all have their issues with accuracy as well. The lack of oversight from the FDA and US Health Department means that all of these consumer fitness monitors don’t have to be accurate, they can just be “close.”

As a food blogger, tech enthusiast, and active person, taking a company to court because your $150 band doesn’t give you the same reading as a $10,000 cardio monitoring machine in a hospital is absurd. Just like online/app calorie trackers have a margin for error, our consumer tech isn’t always going to be 100% accurate. Would you sue your toaster because it burns your bread once in a while? Be smart – your tech is supposed to be motivational and meant to encourage an active, healthy lifestyle. It won’t be your quick fix nor will it be a substitute for an EKG.

If you’re curious, check it out: Fortune Magazine – Fitbit Heart Rate Lawsuit

Here’s to hoping that 2016 is full of healthy choices, with a hearty dose of perspective.