Coming Home Again: A Year Away, Returned To Cooking

Pumpkin soup, my favorite part of Fall!The gap between posts is hideous, I know. From December to October, three jobs and a career change, 2014 has thrown me for a loop that made me put my beloved blog on the back-burner, and it definitely wasn’t one that I was expecting.

Things seem to be calming down and I can hear my dusty, untouched Kitchenaid food processor calling my name, I’ll be making these a regular thing again, sharing what I can: my passion for food.

Let’s get Autumn started,


A month later but back from the culinary dead!


A month since my last post, but I swear I have a good excuse! I started a new fancy job in Silicon Valley and the commute is killer. Which somewhat diminishes any time I have for blogging.

But never fear, faithful reader(s), I will be blogging once again! Ride on, tonto!

I did remember to take pictures of the fun summer things I’ve been cooking over the past month, but it was just the act of blogging that seemed to be setting me back.

I hope to keep you all engaged and drooling once again, my apologies for the pause.

Thanks and happy eats,