Summer Adventures: The San Francisco 14th Annual Guinness Oyster & Music Festival

One of my favorite things about living in such a foodie-centric area is that people here love their food and they like to celebrate it publically: food festival style! This weekend, we attended the San Francisco 14th Annual Guinness Oyster & Music Festival, which was replete with food, cocktails, and lots of amazing live music.

While I’m not a crazy oyster fan, my friends got to enjoy a nice selection of live and BBQ-ed oysters from all over the west coast, with neighboring food experts coming in from Seattle to San Diego.

As the icing on the oyster cake, I got to see one of my favorite bands live, wailing on the keytar: Mutemath! They definitely made the whole experience sweeter.

If you get the chance to visit, food festivals would definitely be a must-see on my list for any visits to San Francisco.

Thanks and happy eats,