Where in the World is The Hearty Serving: Dishcrawl’s Battledish 2013 San Mateo

Fall, beyond the time for pumpkins and cinnamon-spiced everything, is the best time of year because there are fantastic food festivals to be had every weekend!

The weekend after The Hearty Serving went to Oakland’s Eat Real Festival, I won tickets to attend Dishcrawl’s Battledish event in San Mateo. The whole concept is that local food trucks show off their unique culinary fare to compete for best dish of the event. Major downside: it was held at a in-progress not-yet-fully-built housing complex in a long open driveway. No shade. 90 degree heat. Lines as long as the eye could see.

Overall, the event was just OK and none of the dishes really wowed us. However, the best win of the day was scoring the very last root beer float from a dessert and waffle truck in the midst of the heat.

You win some, you lose some, right? Can’t really complain when I got the tickets for free!

Thanks and happy eats,

Where in the World is The Hearty Serving: Oakland’s Eat Real Festival 2013

So, this post is ridiculously late but a few weeks ago The Hearty Serving went on a magnificent foodventure into the mysterious and faraway city of Oakland (it’s about 5 minutes away from where I live.)

Every year, Oakland puts on this awesome food truck and local restaurant festival right next to the water in the Jack London marina called the Eat Real Festival. It celebrates small town farms, urban ecology, fresh eating, and supporting local restaurants. This is often the chance for young entrepreneur to debut their fresh new food ideas and dishes to the masses for a full weekend (the event grosses somewhere close to 50,000 people every year across the span of the weekend.)

What’s the catch? Every dish has to be only $5. They can offer sides and drinks that might vary in price but the main dishes have to be only $5.

This year’s event was phenomenal. We made sure to partake in the local beers, cocktails, and even attended a bourbon tasting “experience” from veteran brand Four Roses.

Aside from battling the massive crowds, the event is a must for anyone in the area in September/October every year.

Hopefully, I’ll see you there next year.

Thanks and happy eats,

Where in the World is The Hearty Serving: Wine Riot 2013

Wine is crucial to a well-stocked and diverse kitchen, in my opinion. And clearly, I share the same opinion of many. To taste all the local wines galore, my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to attend the highly popular Wine Riot 2013, a national tour that makes stops at top cities across the United States to bring wines from all over to thirsty palettes.

Other than making the mistake of not eating enough before going on a tasting rampage or over 50+ different wines and wine cocktails, we had a fabulous time. If you’re a wine enthusiast like us, I highly suggest buying tickets early and attending one of the 2014 events. The tickets may be on the pricey side but the variety of local and family-owned wineries is completely worth it.

Thanks and happy eats,


Summer Adventures: The San Francisco 14th Annual Guinness Oyster & Music Festival

One of my favorite things about living in such a foodie-centric area is that people here love their food and they like to celebrate it publically: food festival style! This weekend, we attended the San Francisco 14th Annual Guinness Oyster & Music Festival, which was replete with food, cocktails, and lots of amazing live music.

While I’m not a crazy oyster fan, my friends got to enjoy a nice selection of live and BBQ-ed oysters from all over the west coast, with neighboring food experts coming in from Seattle to San Diego.

As the icing on the oyster cake, I got to see one of my favorite bands live, wailing on the keytar: Mutemath! They definitely made the whole experience sweeter.

If you get the chance to visit, food festivals would definitely be a must-see on my list for any visits to San Francisco.

Thanks and happy eats,


Where in the World is The Hearty Serving: New Orleans 2013


In desperate need of a good getaway, two of my good friends and I decided to take a a ladies trip to New Orleans. While seeing the sights and nightlife of Bourbon and Frenchmen Street, we collected some great stories and met some fun people along the way. Absolutely jetlagged, but the trip was worth it!

(Sorry to disappoint – not much food or recipes to go with this post – just wanted to update with why I’ve been so silent. A recipe to come soon!)

Thanks and happy (southern) eats,