The Hearty Serving meets Personal Tech: GoodEggs


logo-header-large.07de513bSo as people get busier, the Internet is scrambling to catch up to the rapidly growing demands of the American schedule. Whether it’s standard grocery delivery which most large and local grocery chains offer, start-ups are looking at home cooking as a new way to spice up the market.

In doing research about what high end, organic and sustainable food delivery companies existed out there, I became particularly enthralled with a company called Good Eggs. Founded a few years back, the company employs local growers and farms to source all of their seasonal offerings as well as gives the chance to local makers of things like jams, nut butters, and sauces a reliable place to sell their wares.

The best part was, after my first order, they threw in a free container of walnut butter. Gotta love that!

Check out the NY Times write up on Good Eggs here.

Happy eating,



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