Local Shout Out: East End Pizza Company

The Bay Area is a foodie’s dream, with thousands of restaurants with fantastic fare. Every flavor, every style, every price range.

With that said, I’ve found that quality artisan pizza places that won’t cost you your first born child are few and far between. The answer to the gap in pizza brilliance: East End Pizza Company.

East End, located in my hometown of Alameda, is small and quaint. Specializing in select handcut meats, their small corner of the Alameda Marketplace always perfumes the air with fresh baking bacon. Bacon: the welcome addition to any and all pizzas, especially when done right.

I’ve only eaten a few pizzas there so when my boyfriend and I were in the mood for some properly done pie, we headed on over. We tried one of their standard offerings, The Supreme. (trust me, this is far from The Supreme that chain restaurants offer.)

Recipe DNA:

  • red sauce
  • spring onion
  • crimini mushrooms
  • classic cheese blend
  • ADDED: East End’s DAMN FINE BACON (No, really, that’s what its called.)
  • finished with shaved ricotta salata

Cooked at 450 degrees in their beautiful woodfired oven, and the crunchy crust with the crafted sauces and well-paired meats and finishing touches, all of the love comes out in the taste. With fantastic Yelp reviews from other pizza-enthusiasts like me, this place is so worth a visit.

Thanks and happy eats,



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